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Proper formatting of the title page of the abstract First of all, you should be aware of the complexity of the design of the title page in advance and take this matter as seriously as possible. The main rule is that the title page is not included in the list of sheets to be numbered. That is, everything in your work should be numbered, including empty sheets, but not the title page. This is a gross mistake, which, if the teacher does not have loyalty, can turn into at least sending the work for correction. At the top of the title page, you must enter the name of your university in full, including the name of the department. In the center (indents are usually reported by the teacher) the topic of the essay is indicated, and under it - the type of work. The following is the job number. On the right, under the title of the abstract, the full names of both the student and the inspector are entered. A place for evaluation and signature is issued, as well as the date of delivery. Here you can contact our experts for help with writing an abstract.
Essay on the exam - how to write an essay correctly
Many scold the USE for being automated, biased, and having multiple-choice questions. The composition is considered the most creative segment in KIMs.
About how to write a quality essay and show yourself from the best side - in our material.
What is the complexity of the essay on the exam
Writing is considered not only the most creative, but also the most difficult task. The reason for this is the presence of literacy, erudition, a broad outlook, the ability to argue and think analytically.
It is extremely important to clearly identify the main problem and disclose it. This is the primary and key task, on which the assessment for the entire text depends.
The structure of the essay on the exam
Despite all the creative component, the essay is built according to a certain pattern and plan: an introductory part, a problem and its formulation, examples and comments on them, an expressed author's position and his reasoned opinion.
The essay should not exceed 400 words in length. The ideal number is from 250 to 350. Three and a half hours are allocated for writing the entire exam, an hour of which is recommended to be given to the essay.
The service begin to disassemble the essay into components, in order of priority. The introduction opens your work, sets the tone for the whole story. It must certainly hook and interest the one who will read your text. An unmistakable option would be a brief and capacious reference about the author of the text or the work itself, from which the passage is taken. An alternative way is a brief and initial disclosure of the topic or era indicated by the author of the source text. The volume of the introduction is 2-3 sentences, no more.

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