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How to talk to your child about lying.
When a child lies to you, it triggers a whole range of intense emotions. You probably feel angry, resentful, and offended. Lying is very frustrating for parents because it undermines the foundation of trust we build in our relationships with children. So, if in response to the child's lie, an emotional reaction has arisen - to a deliberate and "deliberate" or "impulsive" lie that arose spontaneously, simply because the child did not have time to think it over, - you can understand, this is normal.But, no matter how angry you are, no matter how painful or upset you are at the moment when you caught your child in a lie, it is important to answer him in a calm and measured way and not react emotionally - “How dare you lie to me? Now I will never be able to believe you again! ". When we overreact, it causes our children to focus on our irrational behavior, which distracts them from taking personal responsibility for their own behavior. When you see that a child is cheating because he received a bad grade, then ask him in what subject and how he did it. Listen to him and if this problem concerns writing written works and use essay writing service to remove this problem. He cheats because he is afraid. Try to build trust by helping him learn.Likewise, it is important not to overdo it by imposing disproportionate or inappropriate punishment that is not appropriate for the circumstances, for example, “You've been punished for a whole month! No computer! "And although the fact that you voiced the punishment may make you a little easier, it will in no way help your child learn from his mistake. Only when the child sees the problem, only then will he learn to solve it. Let him see it when it comes to writing and with help teach him how to cope with the problems associated with his studies. This will help him a lot both in life and in school.Children often prefer to simply “serve their sentence” than engage in constructive conversation with their parents about the causes and consequences of their lies. But talking about lies is exactly what makes your child learn, it’s an opportunity to influence his or her choices for more consistent, responsible behavior. Try to build constructive dialogue to understand your child. If it concerns study, then it may concern the fact that he does not know how to write a written work and as a result of this he is cheating. Take advantage of write my thesis and teach him to write literate writing work. This will help you fight the lie.What we want children to learn about liesTalking to a child about the reason for his lies can teach important things in three ways:1. Conversation increases the child's awareness of the emotional impact of lying on other people. Lies are not spoken in a vacuum. Depending on the nature of the lie and its consequences, children can influence the lives of many people, from siblings to peers, classmates, teachers and coaches. Children tend to act recklessly and often do not understand how their actions affect others ... until you tell them about it yourself.2.The conversation raises their level of awareness of the impact of lying on themselves. Children, when they lie, can experience feelings of guilt, shame, loss of self-esteem, and decreased self-esteem. They are deprived of their freedom and forced to endure increased parental supervision. Therefore, it is useful to talk openly with your child about these sad realities, so that he becomes more aware of how the lie affects him, on his personality in general.3. Conversation teaches children how important are solid values. The value system cannot be variable or selected for each specific situation; in order to make any sense, it must be consistent. Your child's value system is the cornerstone of trust in your relationship.By talking to your child about lying, you create an opportunity for him to better understand the consequences of his actions and, ultimately, become more truthful.
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